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Monday, March 21, 2011

CORAL WORLD PARK in Palawan, Phiippines - 1st Underwater Resort in Asia - Monozca & Mañosa

Philippines – A futuristic undersea project is all set to be built in Coron, Palawan, according to a Filipino team of developer and architects.

Dubbed as the Coral World Park, this project will be Asia’s first underwater resort development and it will be headed by Paul Monozca, a Singapore-based businessman with a renowed eco-architect Jose Pinggoy Manosa as partner responsible for the architectural design.

“Picture this: You wake up to a picture perfect view of frivolously swimming manta rays and fishes or hold a meeting in a restaurant submerged in the pristine waters. Say what? All this isn’t science fiction according to an all-Filipino team behind the project,” as quoted from the Philippine Daily Inquirer article.

Coral World Park will include 24 undersea suites called “Anemones” submerged at 60 feet below sea level with a 270-degree view of the sea. A US firm that specializes in submarines will build the 15-foot-high Anemones.

Also as part of this multibillion-peso project, a 50-bedroom on land boutique hotel complete with amenities like casinos, spa, business center will be built. This project will also include an underwater restaurant to be named Starfish,” which could seat as many as 200 people in its 600-square-meter dining area.

The project is expected to pour in billions of investments and will help create thousands of jobs for the people in Palawan and neighbouring provinces.

Eighty percent of the project will be run and manned by Filipinos from engineers to architects down to personnel. Monozca said, “The project will show to the world Filipino ingenuity.” When completed, the proposed underwater habitat will be the biggest in the world.

Coral World Park is expected to be completed in 2013

Video courtesy of GMA TV News which aired March 20, 2011

Snapshots from the video

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