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Sunday, July 10, 2011

DCRJ's MOVIE REVIEWS: AMIGO (2011) starring Joel Torre, Chris Cooper

We saw AMIGO (2011) at Cinema 5 of SM Mall of Asia on July 9, 2011. Obviously a low budget film produced by Star Cinema and Cinema8 (local film outfit) which stars Joel Torre with a casts of Hollywood actors Oscar Awardee Chris Cooper, DJ Qualls (CSI Crime Scene Investigation TV series), Garret Dillahunt (also of CSI Crime Scene Investigation TV series) and Yul Vasquez (War of the Worlds, American Gangster, The A-Team). Set in 1900 Luzon island during the Philippine-American War (1898-1902). A group of American soldiers sent to subdue a remote village with alliance to the rebel guerillas. Rafael (Joel Torre), the Cabeza del Barrio of the village, finds himself in the middle of the conflict as he plays the Amigo or friend to the American troops in order to protect the people of his village but is torn between compliance with the Americans and be the rebel sympathizer considering that his son and brother are rebels. Rafael finally wins the trust of US Lieutenant Compton (Garret Dillahunt) and the two build an appreciation and respect to each other. A village fiesta is permitted by Compton. Col. Hardacre (Chris Cooper), pissed from rebel attacks on another area, learned of Compton's fiesta permission and Compton's troop's laxity the following day he ordered stricter measures and tortures Rafael to confess whereabouts of the rebels. The scope of the movie is limited with confined spaces with the cast and extras numbering only 2 dozen I think making the film claustrophobic in feel. The art design of the period are limited to antiques without production values. The actings are splendid but the camera pannings and the script could have been more. Ending is unsatisfying and gave me a hanging feeling. John Sayles, the writer and the director, done his research wisely but fails to ignite some emotional impact particulary in the action scenes. I am disappointed with the film due to its limited resources and Academy Award winner Chris Cooper could have shine as the protagonist but the poor production values made his scenes flat and some laughable. I could have been proud of this film because of its Philippine historical theme but I can't ! Sorry. My ratings 2 out of 5 Biscuits ! P.S. - there were only about 11 of us inside the theater...all of the cinema goers were inside the fully-packed but lame Transformers 3 flick.

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