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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TEAM PACQUIAO Store by Manny Pacquiao at the SM MALL OF ASIA - Oct. 10, 2011

We visited the newly opened Team Pacquiao Store at the SM Mall of Asia on Oct. 10, 2011. As a die-hard Manny Pacquiao fan going to this place is the closest thing to owning a piece of the Pacman.

Life-size Mickey Mouse and Manny Pacquiao figures from MINDstyle greets customers and  fans or non-fans of Manny.

An amazing photo of Manny Pacquiao dons the right side front corner of the store.

Manny Pacquiao poster at the left side front corner of the store.

The counter section

I think this is the same shirt that they will begin selling at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas  prior to the scheduled fight of Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez November 12, 2011

A mini bronze statue of Manny Pacquiao undersigned by the Pacman himself

Manny Pacquiao signature brand of perfumes, no it's not the smell of Manny's sweat in the gym...LOL !

Just like the tees seen in Greenhills hehe but this tees inside the store is the real deal and the authorized ones by the Pacman !

This is what I bought, a Manny Pacquiao mug costs P 280. I will soon buy the MP Jacket suitable for wearing when I visit again HK Disneyland this coming new year.

MP stuffs and souvenirs

The Mickey Mouse and Manny Pacquiao figures by MINDstyle

The store wouldn't be complete without the MP shoes

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