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Sunday, December 4, 2011


I saw THE ROAD (2011) directed by Yam Laranas. This is the best FILIPINO film I saw this year and it's a remarkable achievement by Yam Laranas after his lame 'Patient X' film. This horror story spans 2 decades split in 3 segments, Part I is 2008, part II is 1998 and part III is 1988. Each segment has a different story which interconnects in the climax. A supernatural mix blended with police investigative work. The anticlimax is one memorable sequence. The director's use of lights and shadows gave an atmospheric sense of creepiness. The editing and the cinematography are outstanding. Carmina Villaroel is the standout in the cast, she qualms up every scene as the domineering mother. Barbie Forteza and Rhian Ramos played their part well, Alden Ricards played the memorable psycho killer in a Norman Bates kind of portrayal giving one of the finest performances. Highly recommended film, be warned that this is rated R-13, meaning those below 13 are not allowed inside, that's why I was left to see the film alone while my family went to see 'Won't Last A Day Without You'. Don't fail to watch this fine Filipino flick, in theaters ! not the pirated DVD please. My ratings: 5 out of 5 Biscuits ! Yam Laranas is back on track here, a good compilation of work including 'Sigaw' and 'The Echo' just forget about 'Patient X' ...LOL !!

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