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Monday, February 20, 2012

DCRJ's Movie Reviews : J. EDGAR (2011)

I saw J. EDGAR (2011) via glorious DVD from the muslim pirates of Quiapo. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Johnny Edgar Hoover, the gay FBI director and his man-love relationship with Clyde Tolson played convincingly by Armie Hammer (the upcoming Lone Ranger star). Insightful look at the beginning and nurturing of the FBI. The film has the Clint Eastwood (director) touch which can be felt in all of his films such as the usual slow and sentimental piano play in the beginning and end credits but the film suffered from a lack of cohesive feel, at least in my opinion. The aging make-up on the actors was overly done specially on DiCaprio and Hammer. Overall, the film is informative and insightfully entertaining. My ratings: 4 out of 5 Biscuits. The film also chronicled the Charles Lindberg baby kidnapping case which brought memories to my mind the 1976 made-for-TV film with Cliff deYoung, a dead ringer for Charles Lindberg better than Josh Lucas' portrayal as Lindberg in J. Edgar. I also remembered Anthony Hopkins as the kidnapper Bruno Hauptmann.

Trailer of J. Edgar (2011)

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