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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DCRJ at the New MOA ARENA for LADY GAGA: THE BORN THIS WAY BALL Concert May 21, 2012

We were at the MOA Arena for the Lady Gaga: The Born This Way Ball concert May 21, 2012. It was a double blast to see Lady Gaga and the MOA Arena for the first time. It's the MOA Arena's first night concert or I would say, MOA Arena's opening day. We thoroughly enjoyed Lady Gaga's show despite being at the General Admission which is the area with the cheapest price (P 2,120). Doing the wave with the crowd was fun with 100 % participation of the crowd in the General Admission. The sight of the concert inside the MOA Arena was exhilirating as we could see 'the bird's eye view' of everything from the General Admission crowd to the concert stage. The MOA Arena is truly world class and my only critic of it, I'd say two, is the sound system which is at full blast making the bass capable of ruining anyone's ear drum. Secondly, the stairs at the General Admission is too steep and narrow that it desperately needed some additional handrails. Overall, the experience is a delight and I am proud of the MOA Arena and thanks to Mr. Henry Sy for making it one of the finest arena in the country

 I had a photo-op with Michelle Madrigal and Ehra Madrigal after the show

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