Moymoy Palaboy & Roadfill with an appearance of Pinoy Biscuit Blogger DCRJ (Dr. Dan C. Rivera, Jr.) in the music video 'Rugby Boy' from the moymoypalaboy 'Uploaded' Album CD/DVD Moymoy Palaboy & Roadfill at DCRJ's clinic January 30, 2009

Thursday, December 13, 2012

DCRJ at ROADFILL (Moymoy Palaboy) and Farah Lopez Wedding at 12/12/12

Roadfill of Moymoy Palaboy fame married his long time girlfriend Ms. Farah Lopez on Dec. 12, 2012. That's 12/12/12, considered a lucky day to get married. I had the privilege of attending the ceremony as one of the principal sponsors. I also get to have a photo-op with some of the brightest stars in Philippine showbiz. Here's some of the photos of me with the celebrities and the event.

Ogie 'The Pogi' Alcasid aka Boy Pick-up

Michael V. aka Bitoy or Toybits

Sheena Halili and James Obeso popularly known as Moymoy Palaboy

Mark Herras and Ynna Asistio

Nelson Canlas who was reporting the event on 24 Oras News TV at the time

The male principal sponsors with the groom Rodfil aka Roadfill and Ms. Farah Lopez now Mrs. Farah Macasero

Here's the video as reported by Nelson Canlas on 24 Oras News TV

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