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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Protest Against MERALCO Electricity Price Hike

A price hike by Manila Electric Company (Meralco) and a string of rotating brownouts coupled with an almost-unbearable summer heat? That's equal to a throng of angry citizens trooping to Facebook to voice out their protest against the Lopez-owned electricity distributor, hence the Facebook page "Protest against MERALCO electricity price hike."

The goal of the page, created only yesterday, is to reach 100,000 members ASAP, so the creators could "forward it to the proper authorities as an official petition."

At press time, the page already has almost 2,000 "fans," but these guys still have a long way to go to reach 100,000 members.

Double trouble

The stories posted there are nothing short of shocking. Blogger Chuvaness, for example, received her bill for one month worth P41,902.95. Her average bill for the last six years is P21,471. The increase is almost 100%! Damn.

While consumers must have been expecting to run up a huge electricity bill (Meralco did announce that they would be adjusting their rates), they surely didn't imagine it to be that HUGE.

Meralco has reportedly responded on their Twitter page, saying that there are a lot of factors leading to the rate increase and that it's "unfair to attribute all factors to Meralco."

Uh, okay. We know, in a way. But try telling that face-to-face with your consumers who are experiencing a triple whammy (rate increase, extreme summer heat, and rotating brownouts). Good luck!

article source: Techie.Com.Ph

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