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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I have travelled around Asian countries from 1992 to 2009 for leisure purposes. I have seen how these Asian countries are progressing up almost to a rapid rate in terms of economy through their infrastructures.

By going back and forth to these countries throughout the years it made me realize how the Philippines has been moving at a slow pace. Indeed, I envy these countries for making the Philippines upheld its moniker as 'the basket case of Asia'.

I love my country the Philippines and I want my country to proper. I am tired of Philippine politicians making lots of promises during their election campaign but only to lay stagnant once they got elected.

This now goes to my liking for Manny Villar and his business skills. Why is that ? Isn't progress all about making money ? how can you alleviate poverty without making money ? Manny Villar, a self-made multi-millionaire (net worth US$530 million) with a proven track record, has the skill and the capacity that would propel the Philippines into one of the richest nation in Asia.

An Aquino government would not suffice anymore. Why? In my opinion, Noynoy is just a symbol of his parents legacy nothing more and nothing less. I fear Noynoy, without the proven track record, would be another politician to lay stagnant for 6 years.

Richard Gordon is my second choice also because of his proven track record, does Wow Philippines ring any bell ? but I like Manny Villar better.

I see Manny Villar as the new hope and a God-given instrument that would make the Philippines prosper by making tons of wealth for the Philippines business-wise. God bless the Philippines.

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