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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

FRANCIS M. Tribute - Cluster of BALLOONS Formed PHILIPPINE MAP in EAT BULAGA last Saturday March 7, 2009

I have been recording and uploading YouTube ( DCRJPinoyBiscuits03 ) videos anything about Francis Magalona since the Master Rapper was diagnosed with Leukemia last Aug. 2008. Francis M. died last Friday March 6, 2009. The following day March 7, 2009 on a Saturday, Eat Bulaga thru Michael V. released a cluster of white balloons symbolizing probably freedom for their Dabarkad Kiko aka Francis Magalona. I have recorded that balloon releasing scene, the balloons formed a somewhat similar pattern of a map of the the video below (1:22)

Here's a snapshot of video 1:22


Francis M. known to be a patriot reflected in his songs and businesses. He conceived the '3 Stars and a Sun' tshirt apparels some bearing the Philippine map.

Here's the video where Pauleen Luna told about the Philippine Map formation of the balloons. She said that balloon formation was Kiko (Francis M.)

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