Moymoy Palaboy & Roadfill with an appearance of Pinoy Biscuit Blogger DCRJ (Dr. Dan C. Rivera, Jr.) in the music video 'Rugby Boy' from the moymoypalaboy 'Uploaded' Album CD/DVD Moymoy Palaboy & Roadfill at DCRJ's clinic January 30, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009


moymoypalaboy (the duos Moymoy & Roadfill), lipsynch artists, now sings their own songs. They sang 'KAPIT' in the all-digital film called DAYO last year, now in their debut album they sang an amazing array of songs equally good and at par with the best of the local artists out there. I tell you, these boys can really sing with a range of amazing vocals. This is the album I hope all of the haters out there would change their mind about their perception of moymoypalaboy. And as for the millions of fans out there, they will truly have a blast with this album...just turn on the volume of the audio as high as you want then you'll have a great time.


I got to tell you guys the music and video content in their debut album are truly amazing and very entertaining.The songs in the album is a myriad combination of punk rock, ballad to novelty songs. 'Lumayo Ka Man Sa Laklak', I guess, is their signature song currently making airwaves in radios today. 'FTW' with Gloc9 is a combination rock and rap...the song also has something to say about the moymoypalaboy haters hehehe. 'House of the Rising Sun' an upbeat version of the 1960s classic combined with hilarious dance choreography by the moymoypalaboy band. My personal favorite is the video 'Who Are You Mumoy?' feat. sexy Hi-C of mobbstar. Brother Louie is fun with moymoy's friends in Pasay as well as the MP forumers, Mexican fans will get a kick with the spanish song 'Chorizo Burrito'...I guess it's a tribute to their Mexican, Peruvian and all latin american fans. 'Ang Anghit Mo' takes the essence of a Tito, Vic & Joey into this hilarious segment.

You can truly see the amazing talents of this duo by simply watching their videos in the album because they are the ones who conceptualize the video and the editing as well..take for example the 'Lumayo Ka Ma Sa Laklak' can see that the subtitles are in reverse then one would realize that the reversed subtitles were actually lyrics of the song viewed by the group of laklakers as seen thru their eyes during a videoke spree while drinking alcoholic breverages.

It's also an honor that I was included in the video 'Rugby Boy', I am the one who had a verse and as the doctor who advices Roadfill (the other half of moymoy palaboy) that he would die if he still go on using rugby inhalers and to read my name in the acknowlegement of the album is touching *sniff*. Not sounding bias, if I wasn't a fan myself I'd still rate this album 5 out of 5 because of the album's selection of songs.

audio cd (left disc) and video dvd (right disc)

P 285 is very reasonable, very satisfying and worth it. I dare not upload the videos at Youtube, I hope no one will upload it, I also hope that piracy would be somewhat tamed or none at all. Kudos to the duo for a wonderful and enjoyable debut album ! Let us support our Pinoy artists, no to piracy.

Rating 5 out of 5 Biscuits

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