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Friday, March 27, 2009

MOYMOY PALABOY's YouTube Account Named 'moymoypalaboy' Has Been SUSPENDED

Dreams do come true when you're a moymoypalaboy or an Arnel Pineda or even a Charice Pempengco whose uploaded videos on YouTube made them an instant celebrity not only in the Philippines but worldwide.

Moymoy (James Ronald Obeso) with his brother Roadfill (Rodfil Obeso) popularly known as the duo 'Moymoy Palaboy' whose uploaded videos in YouTube (lipsynching popular tunes) garnered an awesome 36 million hit views in all of their videos combined. Their YouTube videos caught the attention of GMA-7 & MTV Philippine executives that had the duo signed a contract deal with them instantly making the duo not only a star talent for GMA-7 and MTV Philippines but a recording artist as well.

In the evening of March 26, 2009, YouTube account moymoypalaboy, that very same YouTube account that garnered 36 million hits worldwide, which has been up since 2007 was unfortunately suspended. YouTube claimed it was due to copyright infringement. Although moymoypalaboy's videos of themselves were original, the songs used weren't theirs and that's where the copyright infringement took in.


Many fans were shocked upon learning of the account suspension and some even wanted to set a petition to revert moymoypalaboy's YouTube account back.

The high and mighty YouTube once again stomped their feet into the duo's high hopes because the 'moymoypalaboy' account was supposed to be their benchmark for their further successes. For the sentimentals, that account was supposed to be marked as an archive with memorable comments as well.

Not crying over spilled milk, fans could only hope for the best to Moymoy and Roadfill but I still consider that suspended YouTube account to be the duo's finest point in their career because that account made them what they are today. Yes they can create another YouTube account named moymoypalaboy14344, moymoypalaboy01, moymoypalaboyreloaded or whatever BUT, as they say, nothing beats the original and that 'moymoypalaboy' YouTube account is the original for all its sentimental reasons.

Yet still, considering the duo's tremendous success today one would even consider the suspended account as old school. The duo's new YouTube account (if there is one) would surely open up more opportunities for the duo as well as a new way for sprouting new fans along the way. The duo's popularity is not about the YouTube account, it's all about the duo's charm and zany antics. So, without much ado, let their charm and zany antics continue particularly in the medium called television.

Roadfill's YouTube account is still up and running

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skarfreak said...

wow... what a coincidence. We(my wife, my sis and my bro in law,) just watched their video yesterday around 7 pm. We had a great time watchin it for the first time, take note of that...

God Bless.. from Pinoy here in Thailand.

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