Moymoy Palaboy & Roadfill with an appearance of Pinoy Biscuit Blogger DCRJ (Dr. Dan C. Rivera, Jr.) in the music video 'Rugby Boy' from the moymoypalaboy 'Uploaded' Album CD/DVD Moymoy Palaboy & Roadfill at DCRJ's clinic January 30, 2009

Monday, July 12, 2010

Simply KUYA JOBERT - New Pinoy Comedian from YOUTUBE

Known as Kuya Jobert, newest YouTube comedian to come along with his unique brand of humor currently garnering hit views in YouTube. His humor is childish blended with obscene curses but it's the silliness of his execution that's hilariously insane.

Here are some of Kuya Jobert's videos from YouTube courtesy of choieeyy09

Kuya Jobert - Raid

Kuya Jobert - Raid II

Kuya Jobert - Raid III (Napagsabihan)

Kuya Jobert - Kamias

Kuya Jobert - Peras

Kuya jobert - Uling

Moymoy Palaboy, Roadfill & Kuya Jobert lipsyncing BABY (Justin Bieber)

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