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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TOTOY BATO - An FPJ Film Classic Now a ROBIN PADILLA TV Series

Totoy Bato is a boxing-themed Philippine drama from GMA Network, based on the graphic novel created by Carlo J. Caparas, that depicts the remarkable life of a boxing champion named Totoy Bato - as played by Robin Padilla.

The series premiered on February 23

Photos below taken by yours truly at the 2nd floor of SM Mall of Asia

Anna (Velasquez) dreams to be a popular and successful singer someday. Her friend Totoy (Padilla), on the other hand, only dreams of being with his father. After his mother died, Totoy's wish comes true when his father comes home after serving his sentence, Podong turns out to be an abusive and cruel dad. Totoy's only comfort is Anna, his best friend and true love, who promised never to leave his side, breaks her promise when her materialistic mother Matilda decides to live in Manila, she leaves Totoy with a promise that she will come back for him.

Years pass, Anna is now a famous singer in the country, and the quiet life of Totoy will be disturbed when a land grabber appears and kills his loving wife Elena (Mina). Madness and revenge engulfs Totoy and he promises to fight the manipulative haciendero no matter what. Totoy decides to start a new life in Manila — where faces more fights, this time in the boxing arena where he will be known as Totoy Bato

Totoy Bato's P200M-BUDGET (Robin Padilla interviewed by Kuya Germs) - Video courtesy of c2rax

TOTOY BATO (Premieres Feb 23) Teasers - Video courtesy of experiencegma

Here's a vintage Fernando Poe, Jr. classic in TOTOY BATO (1977)

Trivia: Joonie Gamboa appeared in Fernando Poe, Jr's film 'Totoy Bato' in 1979. Joonie Gamboa also appears in Robin Padilla's Totoy Bato on TV.

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