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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Anthony Bourdain's NO RESERVATIONS: PHILIPPINES - Best Episode EVER !

I already blogged about Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation episode featuring the Philippines which was first telecast last February 2009. Well, here are the complete episodes again but this time the video links are from my other YouTube account called DCRJPhilippines.

ANTHONY BOURDAIN No Reservations Philippines Part 1 / 5

ANTHONY BOURDAIN No Reservations Philippines Part 2 / 5

ANTHONY BOURDAIN No Reservations Philippines Part 3 / 5

ANTHONY BOURDAIN No Reservations Philippines Part 4 / 5

ANTHONY BOURDAIN No Reservations Philippines Part 5 / 5

Anthony Bourdain is right, we are too damn nice that's why our cuisine doesn't have the impact to make it famous in the culinary world of westerners particularly in the United States of America. I think we aren't boisterous as other southeast Asians, in fact we are too damn shy and not being agressive in promoting anything that is Philippines. Well, that's who we are because we are cool about things even when celebrating. Notice Filipinos in any rock concerts and you'll observe right away that most Filipinos are too shy to be just being energetic, it's not that we aren't having a good time it's just the way things are brought about in our culture.

One thing I like about No Reservations Philippines episode is the liking of Anthony Bourdain on Filipino foods. Mr. Anthony Bourdain even mentioned that the Lechon is the best pig ever in the hierarchy of pigs around the world, now that's really something for Filipinos and that's one way of promoting Filipino cuisine to the world by way of famous celebrity chef named Anthony Bourdain.

Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations Philippines is the best episode ever, that's one way of promoting the episode and being aggressive in this so-called cyber-space named the internet. Well, to tell you the truth, IT IS the best episode ever because I am a FILIPINO and I am damn proud of it !

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