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Friday, June 26, 2009

Remembering MICHAEL JACKSON (1958-2009) in the Philippines

I fondly remember going to the concert grounds near coastal road in Paranaque city circa November 1996 for the Michael Jackson's HIStory World Tour Concert with my brother and my brother's friend. We parked in the grassy area near coastal road and we have to walk about several blocks to reach the area.

I also remember Michael Jackson with then-mayor of Paranaque city Joey Marquez when they visited a tertiary Hospital in Paranaque, the Paranaque Community Hospital. Michael Jackson waved at the crowd outside of the hospital which is just in front of a private school, the St. Andrew's School.

Also, Michael Jackson stayed at the historic Manila Hotel during his short stay in Manila, on his way to the hotel with his entourage an ati-atihan dance group dressed in ati-atihan costume danced to the tune of Billie Jean while Michael Jackson amusingly clapped and danced with them in appreciation.

Here's an exclusive photo of Michael Jackson being resuscitated before transfering to the LA Hospital, snapshot from CNN's LArry King Live a few minutes ago


Snapshots of the helicopter with Michael Jackson's body in it on their way to the coroner's place for autopsy



Michael Jackson influenced a lot of Filipino entertainers here in the Philippines with the likes of Gary V., Billy Crawford and Jojo Alejar. Michael Jackson will be forever remembered as the King of Pop just like his ex-Father-in-Law Elvis Presley as the King of Rock & Roll.

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