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Sunday, October 25, 2009



We saw 'BATTLE FOR TERRA' today at the SM Mall of Asia Cinema 4 with 3D glasses. Another exciting 3D experience made possible in selected digital cinemas.

The CG-animated science fiction movie is about planet invasion, this time the planet intruders are the human species. Terrians, a harmonious and gentle inhabitants of the peaceful planet called Terra. They are legless, lightweight species that floats. Their planet Terra are being invaded by the last survivors of the human specie from the death star called planet Earth.

The problem for humans, Terra's atmosphere isn't suitable for humans to breathe. The solution for humans, an oxygen atmospheric converter must be drilled into Terra to make it an oxygen laden environment but all wonderful inhabitants of Terra won't survive by the procedure. This sets the stage for an all-out war between Terrians and Humans. In the process, an unexpected friendship between a young feminine Terrian named Mala and a male human pilot named Lt. James Stanton ensued and both specie will try to convince their respective leaders that war is not the answer.

The amazing 3D effects is top-notch specially the snow flakes but the characters were created in a crude manner making it too cartoony for my taste. Musical soundtrack lacks merit, I was expecting a John William-ish kind of Star Wars orchestral grandeur but the music felt like it's been done for cartoon network kiddie shows. The colors and shadings of the characters and object are bland, it lacks color saturation. In fairness, the story is unique because of the reverse roles typically seen in all sci-fi alien invasion genre. Also, it is heart-warming which suggest that no matter what race specie you are in, all are basically good and deserve to enjoy life.

“Battle For Terra” is voiced by an all-star cast including Evan Rachel Wood, Luke Wilson, Brian Cox, David Cross, Justin Long, Amanda Peet, Dennis Quaid, Chris Evans, James Garner, Danny Glover, Ron Perlman, and Danny Trejo.

'Battle For Terra', another movie in 3D that positively puts us back in theaters instead of watching those cheap bootleg copies in DVD form from Quiapo !

My Ratings : 3 out of 5 Biscuits !

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