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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON's Newly Released Single 'THIS IS IT' - Original or Ripped ?

A previously unreleased song by Michael Jackson entitled "This Is It" was unveiled to the world on Monday almost four months after the star's death.

The track was released at the stroke of midnight at, marking "yet another exciting moment in music history for one of the world’s most revered artists," Sony Music Entertainment said in a statement.

The recording features backing vocals by Michael's brothers and will be played during the closing sequence of the forthcoming film "Michael Jackson's This Is It" and feature on a two-disc CD set of the same name.

Fans said the "This Is It" song has the same melody and almost identical lyrics to a little-known 1991 recording by Puerto Rican singer SaFire. A version of the SaFire song, called "I Never Heard," was posted on YouTube on Monday. Watch and hear the video below.

DCRJ say on this: I don't care if the 'new' single is 18 years old, if this 'This Is It' is ripped from the old SaFire song well, who cares? afterall Michael Jackson is still Michael Jackson right?

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Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson and Paul Anka wrote the song in the 90s for Safire. He then recorded it. So it's not a ripped at all, he was the one of the writer of the songs so it's all good.

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