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Friday, March 5, 2010

FRANCIS MAGALONA Tribute Video from DCRJPinoyBiscuits03's YouTube Account, Garnered 1M Views Exactly 1 Year on Francis M's 1st Death Anniversary

I recorded and uploaded this video last March 7, 2009 in my DCRJPinoyBiscuits03 YouTube Account called DCRJ's FRANCIS MAGALONA CHANNEL. Exactly one year later on FRANCIS M. 1st DEATH ANNIVERSARY, the video garnered exactly 1,000,000 views !

Video courtesy of GMA-7's Eat Bulaga which aired March 7, 2009 (a day after Francis M. died)

This is the video where Gloc9 sang his most emotional rendition of LANDO, a song collaboration with the late Francis Magalona, the video bought tears to many viewers. Despite Andrew E.'s fitting tribute to his dear friend Francis M., he has been scorned and cursed by commentators all through out the run of the video in a span of 1 year, and still ongoing. Andrew E. was a dear friend to Francis M. and I am sure all respect were in place when Andrew E. sang Lando interpreted with his own lyrics as tribute to his late friend.

Snapshots from the video

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