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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

FHM PHILIPPINES JULY 2009 Issue - AUBREY MILES Cover Babe in 'Full Frontal' Nudity

Shocking as it may seem for the not-yet-desensitize folks out there, the FHM Philippines magazine July 2009 issue shows cover babe Aubrey Miles in full frontal nudity with a hand-marked mud covering those mammaries and one thigh crossing over the other in artistic fashion.

I wonder what critics would say about the cover for this month's issue and of course it would be uncomfortable for parents to bring their kids inside a bookstore with those magazines on display. A cover babe with just a string bikini would be somewhat 'decent' but with just the thigh crossing over the other thigh to cover the mons pubis without any 'saplot' is already crossing over the boundaries of decency and pornography. What do you think ?

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chalkdust said...

can't we have photographers which are more original in their profession...this shot is very much similar to what JESSICA GOMES had a few years before...

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