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Thursday, July 16, 2009

MANNY PACQUIAO's New Haters - The Three Stooges

The New Three Stooges - Floyd Mayweather, Jr.; Oscar Dela Hoya and Juan Manuel Marquez

In the boxing scribe world, haters are part of the package. One thing
that I learned, if you're being hated on, it means that
you are at or above a level that someone else wants to be
at. If you're being hated on it means that you are
successful at something. Success breeds hate, remember

You gotta love this article
source: Examiner.Com

"Revenge of the Fallen": Pacquiao's haters strike back
by Dennis "dSource" Guillermo

What do Oscar De la Hoya, Juan Manuel Marquez and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have in common?

They all hate Manny Pacquiao's guts.

Incidentally, all three of them have lost to Pacquiao. Pacquiao retired and made De la Hoya quit in his stool last year in December. Marquez lost his super featherweight belts to Pacquiao last year in March. And Floyd Mayweather Jr. lost his crown as the mythical Pound-for-Pound and best fighter in boxing to the sport’s newest darling Manny Pacquiao.

Perhaps that’s also why these three can’t stop talking about Pacquiao and keep saying derogatory statements about him like yesterday in Mayweather and Marquez’s conference call.

Synchronized crying isn’t what it’s called, but its close.

Like boxing writer Brad Cooney tells me,
In the boxing scribe world, haters are part of the package. One thing
that I learned, if you're being hated on, it means that
you are at or above a level that someone else wants to be
at. If you're being hated on it means that you are
successful at something. Success breeds hate, remember

Got it Brad. And I guess same goes with boxing in general. I can’t help but shake my head with some of the things the aforementioned three have said about Pacquiao like,
"I feel Manny Pacquiao is a good fighter, he does his job to the best of his ability. Many people forget that Manny Pacquiao got beat by Erik Morales. I am still at the top of my game and I have never been beat. He hasn't done anything that I haven't done."

First of all, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was doing his best Mark Wahlberg impersonation jumping up and down at ringside during one of Pacquiao’s wins over Morales like Wahlberg did when Pacquiao knocked out Ricky Hatton last May. Pacquiao has a tendency of doing that to people… you know, make the manliest of men act like middle school girls whether it’s by making them jump and scream as if they’ve seen the Jonas Brothers every time he puts forth one of his sensational performances in the ring or when he causes them to start talking trash and act jealous of all the accolades he’s getting like mean girls plotting against the prettiest girl in school.


Is this Number One vs. Numero Uno’s selling point? If it’s not for a mystery injury or the thoughts about the fight getting cancelled, it seems that nobody really talks or cares about this fight unless these three stooges say something derogatory about Pacquiao. Its almost become an obsession for these three.

Don’t get me wrong, Mayweather and Marquez are two great boxers in every sense of the word. What they aren’t however is “thrilling”. Since Mayweather volunteered the statement that Pacquiao hasn’t done anything he had already done before, it’s really more like Pacquiao does it so much more often compared to how he’d occasionally do it from time to time- that is to give his audience their money’s worth.

Mayweather and De la Hoya are masters of hype. Marquez, well like Mayweather said, is just happy to be part of the ride and get paid on top of finding allies in his “Pacquiao hate crusade”. Pacquiao is the real deal. He is a man of a few words but his actions speaks for its self and his fists does what De la Hoya and Mayweather’s mouths do on a constant basis. No, contrary to Pacquiao fans’ beliefs when they call him “Gayweather” and ridicule De la Hoya for wearing fish net stockings and Marquez’s controversial pictures with some Japanese guy floating on the internet that seem all too compromising, I’m not saying anything about a homosexual act involving mouths and pleasuring, what I mean is how Pacquiao’s fists does all the talking for him while Floyd and Oscar do it by working their lips.

In the words of legendary boxing trainer “Cus” DAmato, “boxing is about putting them a$$es in them seats”.

And in today’s game, nobody does it better than Manny Pacquiao. There are things that hurt his marketability like how he’s not the best of person to interview because of his difficulty with the English language despite vast improvements and how he typically answers questions with template responses, and the fact that he lives oceans away, Pacquiao is still boxing’s best kept secret. He converts non-boxing fans into die-hard fanatics by just throwing his fists. Like Larry Merchant says, watching Pacquiao fight is a beautiful thing.

Mayweather is not what’s wrong with boxing. Trust me, there’s so many negative things in the sport that Money May simply picked up on. But if Golden Boy Promotions aimed to make a difference in boxing when they set up shop just a few years ago, this is not the way to do it. They over-hype their fights like Mayweather vs. De la Hoya and fighters like Victor Ortiz, only to disappoint fans in the end and leave bitter tastes in their mouth. It’s also ludicrous for them to keep bashing Pacquiao especially when they have a cut on his pay and that he actually is the type of fighter they should recommend for people to follow in boxing for his pleasing fighting style and great character outside the ring.

Maybe one day Golden Boy Promotions together with all of Pacquiao’s haters can have their revenge on Pacquiao when somebody knocks him out or beats the living crap out of him. But until that day comes, all this personal vendettas and ulterior motives should be swept to the side for the benefit of what’s best for boxing. Mayweather and De la Hoya need not spend all their precious time fielding questions about Pacquiao and trying to make people believe their fight is selling. A fight with Pacquiao will mean the most money for all parties involved. Heck it might even eclipse Oscar De la Hoya’s numbers. So give Marquez his pocket change to step aside and get the deal done. Mayweather versus Pacquiao is what fans want. Stop wasting your time talking and just invest it on whatever needs to be done to give people what they want. Wake up!

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