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Thursday, January 8, 2009

All-New Season of ANTHONY BOURDAIN : NO RESERVATIONS Starting January 5, 2009 includes the PHILIPPINES Episode

Well I can't hardly wait for the No Reservations featuring the Philippines. All I could find is the All-New Season No Reservations commercial at YouTube.

I think the Philippine episode will be shown later part of January 2009.

In case you live under a rock, Mr. Anthony Bourdain is a celebrity chef who has his own show in Travel & Living channel in Asia (Travel Channel in North America) called No Reservations which features Mr. Bourdain tasting culinary dishes (and bizarre foods like what Andrew Zimmern has tasted) from around the world.

Before, most Filipino fans of Mr. Bourdain were getting impatient (including me) and were asking why hasn't he visited the Philippines yet during earlier runs of A Cook's Tour and No Reservations, now he has visited the Philippines last October 2008 and all of his Pinoy fans are eagerly waiting that episode. I am glad he didn't made a balut segment, as Mr. Bourdain said 'that is so last week' (he tasted Balut in Vietnam of all places !)

Here's a commercial of the All-New Season of No Reservations to whet your appetite on the Philippines episode.

Snapshots from the commercial

Anthony Bourdain with Mr. MM (Market Manila) in Cebu

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