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Thursday, January 22, 2009

BORAT & PUKE and the others in between - by YouTuber komikero aka Gerry Alanguilan (comedic genuis!)

Well, it's only now that I have discovered komikero's videos since he started uploading videos in 2007. I have only seen 3 of his uploaded videos so far out of 275 (holy puke!) and I had some uncontrollable laughter already. One can immediately realize that komikero has a good flair for comedies by viewing even with just one of his videos. For instance, take for example the english ( or is it Kazakhstan? ) words BORAT (movie) and PUKE, those two words when read in the tagalog language has some vulgarity into it, komikero has a funny way of putting those words...well, watch the two videos from komikero and you'll know my meaning.

BORAT is funny

Well, LOL to you too, DAMMIT!

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