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Saturday, January 17, 2009

TIME TUNNEL 2002 Pilot Movie from Canada That Never Made Into A TV Series - Complete Video

Irwin Allen's The Time Tunnel 1966 TV Show

Trying to relive my childhood memories of the 1966 TV show 'The Time Tunnel' led me to search the show in YouTube.

I stumble into these 'Time Tunnel' pilot movie (2002) sliced in 5 parts at YouTube and was surprised to learn that this Canadian pilot movie called 'Time Tunnel' released in 2002 was an attempt to relaunch Irwin Allen's classic TV show of the 1960s, of which the 2002 pilot movie didn't made it into a TV series. Too bad because I found the pilot movie very interesting and I'm a sucker for time travel. The pilot movie actually has some very good acting performances.

Doug Philips and Anthony Newman are two icons I fondly remember from the 1960s show. In the 2002 pilot movie the characters Doug Philips and Anthony Newman were updated. Anthony Newman renamed to Toni Newman which is a woman played by Andrea Roth

Here are the videos in 5 parts (courtesy of swede85)

Time Tunnel (2002) Part 1 of 5

Time Tunnel (2002) Part 2 of 5

Time Tunnel (2002) Part 3 of 5

Time Tunnel (2002) Part 4 of 5

Time Tunnel (2002) Part 5 of 5

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