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Friday, January 23, 2009


Bacolod City -- After a long night and as the sun glimmers in the Philippines' eastern sky Friday, Pacquiao has finally gave the nod to his team to accept the existing offer from the Hatton camp to maybe finally seal the May 2 Pacquiao-Hatton superfight at MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Pacquiao and his team are currently in Manila.

Pacquiao friend and confidant Rex 'Wakee' Salud informed PhilBoxing about the good news. The final financial deal is a 12 million dollar guarantee for Pacquiao and 52-48 PPV share in Pacquiao's favor.

The negotiation has been derailed after Pacquiao demanded a 60-40 PPV sharing in his favor from a 50-50 sharing being stipulated in the original contract. The Hatton camp countered with a 52-48 sharing in Pacquiao's favor and gave Pacquiao a Wednesday deadline to sign the contract. The fight has been called off as of yesterday when Pacquiao refused to budge as both parties issued statements blaming each other for the failed negotiation.

Over 3 bottles of beer
Pacquiao, whose playful antics would create joy and difficulty in his inner circle and this time reverberated into the boxing world by playing hard to get in the negotiation table, told Salud, who does not drink, that he would accept the contract only if Salud will down three bottles of beer. Salud, who had been trying to convince Pacquiao for days to sign the contract, was forced to drink this time around in order for the deal to be consummated.

Salud also informed that Arum was elated to hear the news that Pacquiao finally accepts the deal and that Arum may even come to the Philippines to do the press conference.

The Pacquiao-Hatton superfight on May 2 in Las Vegas is the year's most anticipated fight and is expected to sell out gate and short circuit tickets and break PPV records.

article source : PhilBoxing.Com

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