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Thursday, May 21, 2009

FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR. Quickly Gets Offended at ESPN's BRIAN KENNY When MANNY PACQUIAO is Mentioned - the PBF is SCARED of the PACMAN

This is one of the hilarious interviews I've seen bar none. ESPN's Brian Kenny takes the axe and chops Floyd's head into two for dissection. The mere mentioning of Manny Pacquiao brought chills to Floyd's subtle movements indirectly avoiding tough and direct questions by Brian Kenny.

Watch the video in two parts and Brian Kenny demolished Floyd Mayweather, Jr. with Floyd's delusion of grandeur

Floyd Mayweather Jr Goes Off On Brian Kenny From ESPN [Part 1]

Floyd Mayweather Jr Goes Off On Brian Kenny From ESPN [Part 2]

I hope this Floyd gets much pressure from his peers and fight Manny Pacquiao in the end and finally end Floyd's delusion of grandeur. Floyd's much babblings on how great he is should be proven inside the ring.

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