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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

DCRJ on lunch buffet at Mercado's at Resorts World Manila (My 4th time) Nov. 24, 2009

Having lunch at Mercado's at the Resorts World Manila is now a habit of mine, my 4th time actually. Well, first of all lunch buffet is affordable compared to other lunch buffet in the Metro. Secondly, it's a good choice for inviting family members and friends without draining too much out of my own wallet. Thirdly, the ambiance is typically Las Vegas with the sight of numerous slot machines and poker tables. The only downside of this affordable buffet is that you tend to overeat which is not really healthy in my case. But I see to it that I get to have lots of fruits and salads, less on the meat and other carbs on the menu. The ice cream area is truly inviting with choices of 5 flavors plus a variety of toppings to satisfy your sweet cravings. I did missed out on some tasty-looking soups which my stomach capacity could no longer accomodate it. We did try out some of the slot machines after lunch but I am quite skeptic on its generosity to bestow some tokens, this is a computerized machine and quite prone to manipulation by computer-savvy personnels in my opinion. Gone are the days where you slide in coins and the actual sounds of coins coming out of the machine upon winning the correct lines. We also tried out the horse racing betting machine where you bet on a computerized horse via a touch-screen button on the monitor. We did lose two hundred bills on those machine bandits but had fun. Other areas inside the Resorts World are still under construction, it looks promising though and it's something we will be looking forward to in the near future.

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