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Monday, November 30, 2009


We saw 'DISNEY'S CHRISTMAS CAROL' in 3D at SM Mall of Asia, Cinema 3 Digital Cinema yesterday Nov. 29, 2009 Sunday. A revisit to the timeless Charles Dickens classic...I must've seen countless version of it including Pinoy versions but this Robert Zemeckis version is innovative, artistic and fun. It's another 3D movie that attracts the whole family to see it in theaters instead of buying bootleg copies from Quiapo. The use of 3D is extraordinary, the CGI-characters' facial expressions are more refined now than those seen in previous Robert Zemeckis films such as 'Polar Express' and even 'Beowulf'.

My ratings 5 out of 5 Biscuits !

Finally, after a week in theater run, we saw THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON' at SM Mall of Asia Nov. 29, 2009 Sunday. I've read the movie reviews and they said the movie was boring. To me, well, it's quite good actually. Bella must be the luckiest human girl alive, she got a Vampire lover and a Werewolf lover! I think Frankenstein's monster will be her next lover in part 3 ! Kidding aside, it's a timeless tale of love triangle where one is the 'panakipbutas', Edward went away to Rio de Janiero thinking it will do Bella more good than harm and to fill the void of Bella's emptiness is the presence of the Hulkman Jacob Black. Chessy lines after chessy lines ensue which is a good thing, it's a nice touch away from the Vincent Price and Bela Lugosi monster flicks, and it does gave girls something to shrill on, I must have heard a dozen shrills inside the theater.

My rating is 3 out 5 Biscuits.

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