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Monday, November 16, 2009

DCRJ on watching the MANNY PACQUIAO vs. MIGUEL COTTO 'Firepower' Fight at SM Cinema

We saw Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto billed as 'Firepower' inside a cinema at the SM Mall of Asia Nov. 15, 2009, a Sunday noon. It's the next big thing in watching the fight live at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, after all, it has no commercial breaks as you see in local TV channels. A Pacquiao fight is always an event for us and a bonding time for my family and relatives, and we always get some photo-ops with the Rexona models assigned in each cinema booth giving away free Rexona deodorants...see pics below

It's incredibly amazing how so much honor was brought by Manny Pacquiao to every Filipinos. Seeing the Philippine flag with Manny's name made me prouder to be a Filipino. Introductory video sequence before the fight showed some of the historical and fire-powered fights with the likes of Hearns, Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard and Muhammad Ali which suggested a prelude to another upcoming fire-powered fight. We have witnessed history-in-the-making similar to those fights in the past such as Ali-Frazier trilogy, Hearns vs. Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Roberto Duran. It's also like a fitting tribute to those past legends when in fact Roberto Duran was there at ringside. I recalled his 'No Mas No Mas' (no more, no more) utterance during their Sugar Ray Leonard days.

The 'Eye of the Tiger', theme song of Rocky III, was played during the entrance of Team Pacquiao. Will that be a prelude to a Manny Pacquiao and Sylvester Stallone movie ?

Manny Pacquiao did the Rope-A-Dope technique popularized by legendary Muhammad Ali not to tire Cotto out but was used by Manny to gauge the body shots of Cotto, it's also one way to get Cotto unaware which was the case, Manny retaliated with a fast right hook sending Cotto to the floor. Muhammad Ali's style of dancing around the ring was imitated by Cotto but dancing not to punch but dancing away from Manny's punches.

Manny Pacquiao incredibly demolished a much bigger and stronger opponent and still managed to perform 8 songs in a concert after the fight. It's not the size that really matter ain't it? Didn't I told you that Manny Pacquiao is the new 'Bruce Lee' ? backread my blog :) The ability to adjust to any opponent big or small is the philisophy of Bruce Lee, Manny Pacquiao has that, physiquely-wise Manny has that too, almost the same physique of Bruce Lee. Nice to know that the Philippines is back on a positive note in today's headlines, in fact the Philippines is now known as 'Manny Pacquiao country'. Congrats to the idol of the world, Manny Pacquiao. He is the first boxer to obtain 7 Titles in 7 different weight divisions.

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