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Monday, November 2, 2009


Aside from the disappointing 'Patient X', another movie we saw on All Saint's Day Nov. 1, 2009 Sunday is the much awaited final curtain call movie of Michael Jackson, THIS IS IT.

THIS IS IT at SM Mall of Asia

This Is It, an extraordinary movie which features Michael Jackson's rehearsals for his supposed upcoming concert 'This Is It' at O2 Arena, London. The documentary film was collected from film footage that was taken from April to June 2009 before Michael Jackson's untimely passing.

The film revealed Michael Jackson's amazing persona, the courteous and humbleness towards his crew, dedication to his craft, the refinements to the timing and cues of his music and the love for nature.

'This Is It' shows what could have been an extraordinary concert in London with dazzling pyrotechnics, new video footage that will be incorporated to the songs, innovations, new instrumentations to the classic songs, introduction of new talents singers musicians dancers and a classic Rita Hayworth, Edward G. Robinson, Humprey Bogart sequence with Michael Jackson inserted in it. This Is It could have been one awesome concert !

The film also rejects the gossip that Michael Jackson was weak in the days before his death. The film showed the high spirited MJ with his love for life and high energy via his trademark dancing moves. Michael Jackson was in good physical condition and showed no signs of tiring and most of his back-up dancers are even half of MJ's age. Michael Jackson's Billie Jean rendition in 'This Is It' seems like he had never left the 1983 25th Motown performance, seamlessness!

'This Is It' got me teary-eyed, seeing MJ at his finest with thrilling excitement but knowing that we will no longer have something to look forward to in his future performances. It's a sad reality.

My Ratings: 5 out of 5 Biscuits !

MJ Imported Tshirts direct from London on sale outside the cinema. Costs P1,800 each.

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