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Thursday, November 26, 2009

RESORTS WORLD MANILA Scene : Picture Taking is PROHIBITED INSIDE & OUTSIDE the Premises (Head Scratch) Duh !

We had lunch buffet (again!) at Mercado inside Resorts World Manila, my 5th time actually. I haven't had any pictures taken outside of the resort with the Resorts World logo so I got my handy Nokia N95 for some outdoors shot. Upon seeing the iconic Resorts World logo atop the still under-construction building I pose readily for some souvenir shots when the guard waved at me suggesting photoshoots aren't allowed. The hell? I am outside of your premises right? and why the restriction ? Okay, I could realize that the building is still under construction and it might prematurely be reported (and blogged) if they are behind or ahead of schedule. But I also realize that by posting photos of those unfinished construction in the internet I am also helping them by making some free commercialization of the upcoming resort. Case in point, the facebook of Resorts World Sentosa Singapore has published numerous photos of early construction work of the upcoming Universal Studios Singapore. By doing so they are attracting numerous tourist early on. Why can't we just do the same? Why restrict specially us bloggers by not taking photos ? Aren't we indirectly marketing it ? Duh !?

The guard in white waved to me suggesting picture taking is not allowed but I ignored him anyway.

Another guard in white uniform looks at our photo-shoot almost wanting to restrict us for doing the shot hence my facial reaction in the photo

Picture taking inside Mercado also not allowed since it's located just across the poker tables and slot machines. Just pretend your texting on your celphone camera and just fire away on the clicker!

The Star Cruises Centre office building just in front of the Maxims hotel.

The newly opened Newport Terminal bus station.

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