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Sunday, July 20, 2008

DCRJReloaded's YouTube Video (MOYMOY PALABOY 'DANCING QUEEN') Got Honored Today July 20, 2008

Now here's worthy of blogging something today, the MOYMOY PALABOY 'DANCING QUEEN' video at YouTube under my YouTube account (DCRJPinoyBiscuitsCH) got some honors today July 20, 2008. This is actually not the first time that my uploaded videos at YouTube got honored..hmmm, let's see...the Rudy Fernandez burial videos got honored too, some Manny Pacquiao videos also. It sometimes happened when honored videos like the MOYMOY PALABOY 'DANCING QUEEN' video gets to be downloaded then re-uploaded by a different YouTuber as if they're the ones who uploaded it, I should know because it has the same photo still, same time duration, same starting point sameending point and the overall texture and sound quality of the video. Next time I'll add a title with my name on future uploaded videos.

Here are some screenshots




Here's a snapshot of the YouTube REPLICATORS of my original uploaded 'Moymoy Palaboy Dancing Queen' video. Just type 'moymoy palaboy dancing queen' in the search box at YouTube and you'll find the replicators...there were 2 replicators an hour ago now there are 3 !

Of Course, mine is THE Original, nagpuyat ako sa pag record nyan tapos i-re-replicate lang nila wahhhhhh

Thanks to moymoypalaboy and Roadfill for their funny antics
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