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Thursday, July 17, 2008

MANNY PACQUIAO Wants to Fight OSCAR DELA HOYA Not Humberto Sotto !

It's pretty obvious that coach Freddie Roach isn't happy with Bob Arum's decision for Manny Pacquiao's next opponent in the form of Humberto Sotto. IMHO, Manny Pacquiao is now at the level of 'must have/should have' quality opponents, a fight with Humberto Sotto just 'to keep Manny busy' for the coming months is a below average decision on Bob Arum's part. Other than for the reason of avenging Manny's brother's defeat in the hands of Sotto, there aren't any real good reason for a top PPV because Humberto Sotto is just another David Diaz in the making. Manny Pacquiao should be fighting top level opponents e.g. Ricky Hatton which unfortunately is booked in the later part of the year. Freddie asked Manny whom he wants to fight next, Manny Pacquiao answered 'Oscar dela Hoya'

Here's an article from BoxingHerald.Com

Wed, 16 Jul 2008 20:04:00

Roach to Bob Arum: "We're missing the boat!" Pacquiao wants De La Hoya!

Brad Cooney

“ What sense does a Pacquiao vs Soto fight make?” -- Freddie Roach 7/16/2008

Freddie Roach makes it pretty clear that he's not very happy about Humberto Soto's name being mentioned as Manny Pacquiao's next opponent. Roach also makes it clear that he wants Oscar De La Hoya as Manny's next opponent. A very unhappy Roach goes on the record and shares his thoughts concerning the next fight for Manny Pacquiao. Roach sends a message to Bob Arum, or rather he sends a question to Bob Arum: What in the world are you thinking? What sense does a Manny Pacquiao vs. Humberto Soto fight make?

BH – Freddie, thanks for joining me.

FR – Thanks for having me.

BH – Freddie, I am hearing and reading all over the place that Arum is gunning for Humberto Soto as Manny Pacquiao's next opponent. What are your thoughts on that?

FR – The thing is, Valero was suggested first and I accepted that fight. All of the sudden without calling me, Arum picks Humberto Soto? I talked to Manny last night and asked him if he wants to fight Soto, and he told me that he would fight him. I then asked him if he thinks that is the best fight for him right now. Manny asked me if I thought an Oscar De La Hoya fight could be made. I told him yes, I think it can be made at 147 lbs. I would have Manny come in at 140 lbs and the fight be at around 145lbs. Since we can't get Hatton right now, I think we should go after De La Hoya. I know Manny can beat Oscar right now, I know it.

BH – Are you concerned that in the meantime if Arum persists on getting Soto as the next opponent, that you guys will miss a great opportunity to fight De La Hoya?

FR – Soto lost his last fight -- that fight would be a tough sell for PPV. I trained Oscar in his last fight, and he can't pull the trigger anymore, he's an older guy. If Pacquiao fights like he did against David Diaz, there is no doubt in my mind that he will knockout De La Hoya. I don't want to miss this opportunity. Then after Oscar we can fight Hatton, if he beats Paulie. Those are two huge fights right there.

BH – What do you think Arum's motive is concerning Humberto Soto?

FR – I don't understand it. Soto beat Bobby Pacquiao, but Bobby is no Manny Pacquiao. I mean, what kind of PPV draw would that fight be? We are missing the boat! Oscar has talked about fighting Manny. We can have Oscar make 147 lbs, and we can add another Mexican legend to Manny's resume.

BH – Do you intend to call Arum and try reason with him?

FR – I am very surprised that he hasn't called me about this Soto situation. I asked Manny if Arum talked to him about Soto, and he told me 'no.' I asked Manny if he would like to fight De La Hoya, and he told me, 'Of course,' and he then asked me about the weight, and I told him we would make Oscar make 146 lbs, and we could make the fight.

BH – Do you think Manny could perform at 140 lbs?

FR – He came in at 135 lbs for Diaz, so I wouldn't want him too heavy so we would fight at 140 lbs. If Steve Forbes can hit De La Hoya that easily, imagine what Manny Pacquiao will do to him.

BH – Pacquiao vs. Diaz didn't do too well in PPV. Why do you think Arum would want Soto next? That fight wouldn't do any better in PPV.

FR – It's a tough sell, a Soto vs Pacquiao. It's not a PPV fight, it's a free HBO fight if anything. Valero can only fight in one state, and all of his fights were in Japan, so that's not a PPV fight either really. I would like to negotiate a Manny Pacquiao vs. Oscar De La Hoya fight.

BH – What would you like to say to Oscar De La Hoya?

FR- I want to tell him that he treated me well when I was training him, but I have the better guy right now. Manny is pound for pound the best fighter in the world. Oscar likes challenges, and here is a challenge. I would never take a fight that my guy couldn't win, that's for sure. Money doesn't matter, I know Manny can win this fight!

BH – Closing thoughts?

FR – I read in Pacland how everybody is asking about, WHY SOTO? Well I have the same question. Let's beat De La Hoya, and then beat Hatton next year, and Manny can retire and go down as the greatest fighter of all time.

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