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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

DCRJ's MOVIE REVIEWS : HANCOCK - Starring Will Smith and Charlize Theron


We saw HANCOCK in Cinema 4 at the SM Mall of Asia on a Saturday afternoon. Will Smith stars as Hancock, a drunken Man of Steel and atypical of your everyday super hero. Crushed pavements, damaged cars, smashed road signs and wrecked trains ensue costing millions of property damages everytime this bum of a superhero made his rescue of the day. People getting fed up with Hancock's carelessness and wished him to do his rescuing elsewhere. All things changed for Hancock when he saves the life of Ray Embery (Jason Bateman), a public relations guy. Ray wanted to return the favor to Hancock by encouraging Hancock to do some prison time to make up for all the damage he's caused thus hoping for a public sympathy to Hancock and a chance to show the public that he'll be in a more responsible behavior. We also meet Ray's wife Mary (Charlize Theron) who wants Hancock to be far away from her as possible, for reasons that was clear in the latter part of the film.

The film is a combination of action and sick humor (head inside a man's ass??, I am an MD and it's hard to imagine how would a man's head fit inside a man's pelvic bone? it may be hilarious to some but not for me, sorry) but short on depth characterization specially on Hancock's part. His rehabilitation process succeeded too fast and it would be a nice touch if the film showed more on Hancock's struggle on how he would hurdle his defensive mechanisms and how he would mature to a better superhero. The revelation of Mary's role in Hancock's history was done loosely which I think suffered the film's cohesiveness, I think more groundwork should be laid on the revelation issues thus slowly progressing to a climactic whole. Lots of questions still abounds on Hancock's origins and the subtle details were never revealed thus making Hancock less interesting. Will Smith played Hancock so well that even in rude behavior and sarcasm it's easy to root for him to change and that's because he is Will Smith not Hancock.

My Ratings : 2.5/5 BISCUITS !

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Blog2u said...

oh good, thanks for this review. I just saw an interview on Ellen with Will Smith and wanted to see the show but the plot sounded a bit lame- like THE INCREDIBLES, but with humans instead of animation.

Will be giving it a pass or waiting for it on DVD :)

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