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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

MANNY PACQUIAO Sparring Pics with SUPER WELTERWEIGHT Rashad Halloway







By Ed de la Vega, DDS
Wed, 15 Oct 2008

Los Angeles, CA: As per schedule, Filipino spitfire Manny Pacquiao started his sparring sessions this afternoon at the Wildcard Gym.

Pacquiao, wearing his favorite white with red trim Nike shoes and shorts, and his custom made green colored gloves, matching groin and head protector, and a handsome brownish red T-shirt, climbed the ring at the Wildcard Gym on schedule, just before 1:30PM.

Waiting for him on the ring is super welterweight Rashad Holloway (9-1-0, 5KOs), the 5’10 fighter hired by Freddie Roach to mimic the Golden Boy and give Pacquiao a hard work out.

The sparring session was slow in the beginning with Pacquiao seemingly trying to adjust to the height and the longer reach of Holloway. Pacquiao seemed content in measuring the distance before he threw his jabs.

In a short while, Pacquiao adjusted nicely and the spirited exchange of punches begun. Pacquiao would move in, tag his opponent on the head and face and move out to avoid the counter shots coming his way. The punches that he can not avoid were blocked by his gloves. Some however, got through and Pacquiao took them in stride.

Some of those that got through appeared to be power shots and they did not seem to bother the Pacman. Although, they may not be as strong as those expected to be delivered by de la Hoya, it seem that Pacquiao has the capacity to take and absorb blows from super welterweight.

After the sparring, Halloway was quoted as saying that the Pacman “is too fast and very strong. I felt those body shots.”

As usual, only a select few people were allowed in the gym. The only noteworthy media people there were the crew from ESPN and Philboxing.

It is perhaps the presence of ESPN that kind of limited what Pacquiao showed in terms of technique and it does not take an Einstein to figure out why.

At the end of the session, members of Team Pacquiao appeared elated, particularly Buboy Fernandez. “Happy ako sa pinakita ni Boss, kahit first day pa lang (I am happy with what the boss showed today, even if it's only the first day)," he said.

Pacquiao indeed had a good first sparring day. But, that in a way. was expected.
All photos by Miguel Salazar / MP Promotions.

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