Moymoy Palaboy & Roadfill with an appearance of Pinoy Biscuit Blogger DCRJ (Dr. Dan C. Rivera, Jr.) in the music video 'Rugby Boy' from the moymoypalaboy 'Uploaded' Album CD/DVD Moymoy Palaboy & Roadfill at DCRJ's clinic January 30, 2009

Thursday, October 23, 2008

MARIAN RIVERA in 'Blue vs. Yellow' Showdown at EAT BULAGA Aired October 19, 2008

Here are the videos in 4 parts of the Blue vs. Yellow showdown at Eat Bulaga with judges Fritz Ynfante, Dennis Trillo and Michael V. as Fritzy Y.

Marian Rivera was the guest performer in Yellow team

Part 1 of 4

Bohemian Rhapsody seems to be getting popular nowadays specially when when Moymoy Palaboy & Roadfill did a Bohemian Rhapsody rendition in the 13th Anniversary show of Bubble Gang

Part 2 of 4

Fritz Ynfante must be getting on his nerves with Michael V's impersonation of him

Part 3 of 4

Mama Mia, it's Marian Rivera !

Part 4 of 4

Fritz Ynfante vs. Fritzy Y.

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