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Thursday, December 4, 2008

ANTHONY BOURDAIN was in the PHILIPPINES Finally, without the Fanfare & Media Blitz

"Of all the people who watch NO RESERVATIONS, it's been Filipinos who have been consistently among our biggest fans and most vocal about our having yet to film in their country."
- Anthony Bourdain , Anthony Bourdain's Blog, October 22, 2008


Holy roasted pigs! I was watching 'No Reservations' on cable TV which featured Columbia when I thought of searching 'Anthony Bourdain Philippines' on Yahoo. I was astonishingly surprised that Anthony Bourdain had already visited the Philippines probably in the month of October 2008 (the MarketManila blog entry was dated Nov. 2, 2008 so I presumed it was October 2008) particularly in the provinces of Pampanga, Bacolod and Cebu.

As you may not know, there are websites that had petitions for Anthony Bourdain to visit the Philippines because the shows 'Cook's Tour' and now, 'No Reservations' had Anthony Bourdain shown in every episode a visit to almost all countries in the world except the Philippines. If you haven't heard of Anthony Bourdain yet, well he's a celebrity chef making rounds to all the culinary cuisines around the world. If you are an Anthony Bourdain fan you would also know that Anthony Bourdain had eaten Balut, not in the Philippines, of all Vietnam.

Here's a site that recounted Anthony Bourdain's visit to Cebu, Philippines munching their way with 'pink' and 'black' roasted pigs' skin and washing them down with San Miguel Pale Pilsen beer in hand (in photos). I shouldn't be grabbing those photos because it's an exclusive property of Here's the link of the site (with photos) -->

Here's an article from on Anthony Bourdain's visit to Binondo

Anthony Bourdain eating fishballs in Binondo! Pictures courtesy of -->

Here's an article from Anton Diaz (with photos too!)

Here's Anthony Bourdain's BLOG about his visit to Manila -->

Oh, the show 'No Reservations' which featured the Philippines will be shown in the United States in January 2009 and several months after in Asia. 'No Reservations' with Anthony Bourdain are shown on the Discovery Travel & Living Channel here in Asia particularly here in the Philippines


No Reservations website :

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Leona Raisin said...

Noticed you mentioned Anthony Bourdain in your post.If Anthony Bourdain did this TV anagram game he'd have a [lethal nerve chant]. I just posted this one on my blog yesterday.

blanne said...

holy mother of cow! he was? i love anthony bourdain! and i love his show too. it's one of the many shows that i love to watch through discovery travel and living.

thanks for posting this up. :)

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