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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Celebrities in Memoriam: Remembering PATRICK SWAYZE

Another famous celebrity died this year. Patrick Swayze, star of 'Dirty Dancing' and 'Ghost', died today at age 57.

2009 seems to be the year of passing of famous celebrities. David Carradine, Dom DeLuise (Canonball Run), Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, James Whitmore, John Hughes (Home Alone), Karl Malden (Streets of San Francisco), Pat Hingle (Cocoon), Ricardo Montalban (Fantasy Island), Ron Silver (Baddie from 'Time Cop'), Michael Jackson and Ted Kennedy. Even in the Philippine local scene, a number of Pinoy celebrities died in 2009 such as Francis Magalona, Erano Manalo and Corazon Aquino.

I amusingly remember an emotional scene in 'Red Dawn' when Patrick Swayze burst into tears along with some nose discharge that formed into a bubble. Same thing happened to an emotional scene in a different Patrick Swayze movie of which clouded the title in my mind.

I remember watching 'Ghost' with my ex-girlfriend in 1990, the movie brought tears to my eyes particularly at the ending when Patrick says goodbye to Demi Moore. 'Time Of My Life' happens to be the theme song with another ex-girlfriend of mine, it's from the movie 'Dirty Dancing' circa 1987. I also remember Patrick Swayze's song 'She's Like the Wind' in the same movie which oftentimes played in romantic radio stations here in the Philippines.

I also remember Patrick Swayze's cool dance moves in 'Dirty Dancing' with Joel Grey's daughter Jennifer, a dance move that's on par, alright...not Fred Astaire but, with a Gene Kelly dance number. A not so popular Patrick Swayze movie 'Road House' came also to my mind with its explicit sex scenes in it.

I also remember a Francis Ford Coppola movie 'The Outsider' in which Patrick Swayze plays the leader of the Greaser gang.

And who couldn't forget 'Unchained Melody' that was played prominently in the early part of the 1990s specially here in romantic-mode Philippines due to the tremendous part of the Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore starrer 'Ghost'

Patrick Swayze made movies that are indelible in our memories and a memorable song 'She's Like The Wind' making the month of February in a love mode. RIP Patrick Swayze, you'll always be remembered.

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