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Friday, September 18, 2009


Recently, Mayweather Sr went on the record and accused the pound for pound king, Manny Pacquiao of taking illegal steroids. In response to these allegations,, Roach said, " All of the sudden Floyd Mayweather Sr is an expert on steroids? Tell me what kind of steroids Manny is taking Floyd? Tell me how much you know about steroids, first of all. Steroids had nothing to do with the perfect right hand that Manny landed on your fighter, because you didn't teach him how to get out of the way."

Roach is infuriated with these allegations, and goes on to say, " That same punch that we landed on your fighter, is the same one that we'll land on your son, and we'll pass a drug test because we don't take drugs, we don't believe in drugs, and we don't need drugs!"

Roach confirms slander case in the works.

"I am going to talk to my lawyer, there could be a slander case here, and we will sue him. I talked to Manny, and I talked to an attorney, and we are all on board here. This is all over the place now that Manny is on steroids, it's defaming his name."

Roach BLASTS Mayweather

"Get a flghter Floyd, and you will ruin him too. He ruined Ricky Hatton, Ricky was so much better than before Mayweather Sr got him. Not the best trainer, I think Floyd is the F*#@ worst trainer in the world!"

article source : Examiner.Com

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