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Monday, September 14, 2009



Prior to watching 'District 9', I had a feeling that I won't be able to enjoy the movie, in fact I had already planned on taking a nap over this movie. The only reason that attracted me to this movie is that it has something to do with Peter Jackson (as producer) whom I admired for his directorial work in 'The Lord of the Rings' Trilogy and 'King Kong'. Surprisingly enough I was dead wrong. The film was superb in terms of action, plot and emotional impact.

Action-wise, it was a blast seeing Alien weapons debut in a way that's seen in video games like 'Doom' series, 'Unreal Tournament', 'Quake' series and 'Halo'. There's enough blood-splatterings, head explosions here that would make John Rambo quiver. The movie is rated R. Video gamers will get a thrill to see a 'Mechwarrior' like robot manned by a genetically mutated human.

Plot-wise, it's an intriguing story where aliens from outer space treated by humans as dirt reflected as slur in discriminating fashion. Aliens were stranded for 20 years with a motionless mothership hovering above in a part of Johannesberg, South Africa which the military calls it 'District 9'. Humans derogatively calls them 'Prawns' because they got a shrimp-like face.

Emotional impact-wise, the film is inventive and intelligent with documentary-style interviews incorporated with CNN news-reporting style presented as exclusive video footage resonating a similar style done by Paul Verhoeven in 'Starship Troopers' and 'Robocop'. The film is a whole new genre not seen in already establshed sci-fi films. The film has elements of a 'John Rambo', 'Aliens' and a slight touch of 'E.T.'


'District 9' is the smashing directorial debut of Neill Blomkamp which makes him a soon-to-be icon in the league of Peter Jackson, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

The main character is Wikus Van De Merwe (Sharlto Copley), an annoyingly half-witted bureaucrat who was chosen by the MNU (Multi National Union) to get signatures from the Prawns for relocation which in turn gets splashed in the face with a black liquid slowly transforming him into a genetically unique specie. A specie, so unique, transforming the character from a carelessly dumb-witted fool to a reluctant action hero and this is where the fun begins.

Hoping that there would be a sequel, 'District 10' perhaps? This is slam-bang action movie magic at its best. 'District 9' is a fine addition to the collection of superb sci-fi films.

My rating: 5 out of 5 Biscuits !

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