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Monday, September 21, 2009


This is like Deja Vu for JMM. Juan Manuel Marquez getting decked in the 2nd Round by Pretty Boy Floyd.

Undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. may have beaten Juan Manuel Marquez yesterday but his victory was shamefully tainted with weight issues during their weigh-in. Floyd carelessly weighed-in at 2 lbs. excess of their agreed 144 lbs catch weight. The naturally bigger Floyd dwarfed the Mexican, a natural lightweight, thus having an unfair advantage by Floyd. In fact, he wanted to pay the $600,000 penalty rather than treating the Mexican with respect. Unable to adjust to his new weight, Juan Manuel Marquez was an easy target for the faster Floyd.

Here are my thoughts why Juan Manuel Marquez lose

1. JMM lacks lateral head movement, he just doesn't have the head angle movement that would confused Floyd's targeting prowess. Manny Pacquiao has that head angle movement which would be an inconvenience for Floyd.

2. JMM doesn't have an angular surprise attack in his arsenal. In order to confuse your opponent, one should have an angular surprise attack, an attack that won't let your opponent know where it will be coming from. JMM did a monotonous surprise attack which seems predictable for Floyd. Again, Manny Pacquiao's has a numerous arsenal of angular attacks.

3. JMM has no timing. Whenever JMM manages to deliver head shots Floyd just smiled at him while JMM just looks at him, if that were Manny Pacquiao a surprise follow-up shot will be given to that stupid grimace of's all about timing, catching your opponent unaware. JMM lacks that.

4. JMM has no punching power. His punches seems to bounce-off Floyd's silly face. Manny Pacquiao has tremendous punching power. Period.

5. JMM hasn't adjusted to his new found weight. During the fight I could see JMM's flabs. Actually JMM has more flabs than muscles while Floyd has chiseled ones that could almost explode. Manny Pacquiao has better chiseled muscles which is similar to Bruce Lee's while Floyd has chiseled muscles like a rap who do you think is better ? a chiseled muscle like Bruce Lee or a chiseled muscle like a rap singer ? I thought so too.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. manages to uphold his self-proclaimed title as Pretty Boy Floyd. After the JMM fight, there's not even a scratch seen over his face. That's what Floyd manages to do best, by avoiding getting hit in the face. I would like to see Manny Pacquiao mess up his face in the future, I'm pretty sure he would be able to erase that 'pretty boy' off his label. 'Pity boy' would be appropriate after that.

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constant gina said...

congrats to Floyd...staying undefeated after the world is waiting on his major fight next year...

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