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Thursday, September 17, 2009


By Greg R. Penilla, M.D.
Wed, 16 Sep 2009

The repetitive blows to the head of Floyd Mayweather Sr. have inevitably mashed his brain. The speech impediment is an obvious sign. It will not be surprising that in future TV interviews, there will be subtitles to help viewers understand him.

Even before the very first hit to his head, Floyd Sr, was not expected to articulate a scholarly dissertation but with his recent accusation that Manny Pacquiao is using a performance enhancing substance clearly shows that his intellectual capacity has reached nadir. There are no more neurons left to exercise any rational thought process. The space between his ears has become a vast wasteland akin to the day after a nuclear blast.

But is it really just the blows to the head? Or is it in the DNA. Even the most level- headed of the Mayweathers, Jeff, seems to give credence to the outrageous allegation.

If there is any performance enhancing substance Pacquiao is taking, it must be the world infamous balut. No need to explain, just Google it.

The Mayweathers are hitting below the belt. Boxing fans and specially the formidable Pacquiao fans worldwide, the Mayweathers can be hit where it hurts the most, the pocketbook.

Just say no to September 19.

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