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Monday, September 1, 2008

ANNOYING YouTube Video REPLICATORS: Video Replication Spreading Like Flu at YouTube

by DCRJ (DCRJPinoyBiscuitsCH of YouTube)

Did you know that there are tons of software that you can use to download your favorite YouTube videos ? That's very convenient if you want to view the downloaded YouTube videos anytime without an internet. What really gets on my nerves are the YouTubers who download videos then got the nerve to re-upload those videos to their own YouTube account as if they were the ones who uploaded it in the first place. I call them YOUTUBE VIDEO REPLICATORS, replication of already uploaded videos and re-uploaded again (rip-offs)to their own YouTube account.

I have seen a number of YouTube Video Replicators who have downloaded my uploaded videos from my DCRJPinoyBiscuitsCH YouTube account then reuploaded to their own YouTube accounts, well I should know because I have placed subtitles of my name on those videos. Some have even covered my DCRJPinoyBiscuitsCH subtitles with their own labels with a 'copyright' text on it (snapshot below)...


...and that same replicator also placed some annotations to cover my DCRJPinoyBiscuitsCH subtitles (snapshot below)...

...some retained in full glory the videos with my DCRJPinoyBiscuitsCH subtitles on their own account (snapshot below)

Okay, the videos that I have uploaded in my YouTube accounts are merely exerpts or video segments of popular shows on TV. I know there are copyright issues involved on it and I can only reasoned out that those are just short segments or excerpts out of the whole show not intentionally stepping on someone's copyright. Afterall, this Pinoy Biscuits website is an entertainment blog and it's only fitting that celebrated shows should be posted thus indirectly helping out the network garner more viewers. Eventually, what is annoying are the video replicators that are lazy enough to record their own videos and managed to replicate somebody else's already uploaded videos. I stay up during the wee hours of the night just to record the segment then some YouTuber will come along the following morning with a goodnight's rest and download those videos and replicate them to their youtube account as their own. Geez !

To all YouTube Video Replicators, I am not complaining about recording shows on TV but I am annoyed on replicating my already uploaded videos at your convenience. Look, TV Tuners for the PC are cheap nowadays and I don't see any reason why you can't record TV shows at your own time and to your own YouTube accounts.

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