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Monday, September 15, 2008



Quite amusing to think that the first and foremost goal of Juan Manuel Marquez is to have a 3rd rematch with Manny Pacquiao. The Pacman managed to knocked down JMM thrice in their first outing but ended up in a draw due to a judge's scoring error in 2004. Last March 2008 JMM was knocked down again by the Pacman in the 3rd round of their second outing with Manny winning by a close split decision. JMM can't accept the judges' scoring decision and he desperately challenged the Pacman a few weeks later by coming to the Philippines face to face at the Araneta Coliseum. Of course Manny Pacquiao has nothing to prove because he has already beaten JMM twice. When Manny moved up into the lightweight division it was pretty obvious that the real reason why JMM also moved up to the lightweight is to hound or to set up the bait for the Pacman to retaliate with the 3rd rematch. JMM has beaten one of the best lightweights in the form of Joel Casamayor yesterday September 12, 2008 Manila time.


Referee Tony Weeks (C) waves his right hand to end the contest after the second knockdown of Joel Casamayor as Marquez (R) celebrates. Photo by Tom Hogan.

Marquez was asked if he is now looking forward to fighting a third fight with Pacquiao to which he replied that "since Pacquiao is fighting De La Hoya in December, I will fight anyone that my promoter wants."

Yeah right. JMM's quest for the blood of the Pacman still continues

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