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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

LAARNI LOZADA 1st Place 'Grand Star Dreamer' in Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 - Pics & Video

Laarni Lozada, the pride of Sultan Kudarat, is the new 'Grand Star Dreamer' in this season of Pinoy Dream Academy. Laarni garnered 651,696 votes quivalent to 35.21 percent of the total text votes, she sang her very first single 'Manalig Ka' (see her performance video below). She was overwhelmed upon hearing her win and broke down in tears in the middle of her final song, but since the show must go on, she did her best to pull herself together.

Joining the new Grand Star Dreamer in the Top Three were Bugoy and Miguel who gathered a total of 26.70% and 13.69% respectively. Unfortunately, Liezel, who was a consistent Star Scholar didn’t make it into the Top Three and had to settle with fourth place with a total of 247,346 text votes. She was followed by Van who garnered 112,065 votes while Cris filled in the last slot with only a total of 36,487 text votes.

The school year has finally ended and it’s time for the Scholars to finally face the real world and show everyone what they have learned inside the Academy. Best of luck Scholars! Till the next season!

Laarni Lozada - Grand Star Dreamer PDA Season 2

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