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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

DOUBLE BUDGET INSERTION on C5 ROAD PROJECT: Latest News from 24 Oras September 30, 2008

The senate conference on the double insertion case concerning the C5 road project is almost over, such indication was thought out by media because there were never any wrong doings on it in the first place based on the video below.

In my opinion, such interest on the double insertion on the C5 road project allegedly comitted by Manny Villar was meant to intensify an image of corruption somewhere along the line. Such style is old as politics itself and in this case, such a waste of precious manpower were devoted to such an insignificant case derailing the more important issues at hand. Philippine politics has always been so tainted that you can no longer pinpoint who's really good at heart under their underlying ambition for power. That is so bad.

Here's the video from 24 Oras September 29, 2008

Some snapshots from the video





Guilty or not guilty, the result is always the and your reputation have been tainted for life !

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