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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Edwin Valero

"After about six or seven rounds of De la Hoya laying on him Pacquiao is going to be wearing his tongue as a (neck) tie,”
- Edwin Valero, knock out artist from the Dominican Republic

Erik Morales

"Pacquiao will have trouble against De la Hoya. I am afraid Pacquiao might lose steam by the middle rounds."
- Erik Morales, legendary fighter from Mexico

"It’s too much weight; Pacquiao is fighting at 135, maybe if he were at 140. And remember a boxer’s worst enemy is the scale, even a half a kilo - ooh - it’s a big deal,”
- Edwin Valero, knock out artist from the Dominican Republic

My brother Darwin with Jinkee Pacquiao

“He [Pacquiao] looked so happy. He looked excited. As they say, suwerte daw pag may buntis sa pamilya (it brings good luck when someone in the family is pregnant),”
- a close friend, Cris Aquino referring to Jinkee, wife of Manny, who's currently 5 months pregnant.

"We are hoping that if Manny beats Dela Hoya and then (Ricky) Hatton, we can lure (Floyd) Mayweather out of retirement. There’s no more easy fight, no more small fight for Manny until he retires,”
- Pacquiao's business manager Eric Pineda

“If we beat Oscar, then we go for Ricky, and then go for Floyd Jr. That will be the mother of all battles – between two pound-for-pound champions,”
- Eric Pineda

“It’s a great honor to fight him because he’s my idol. Fighting him is in itself an honor, more so if I win,”
- Manny Pacquiao, referring to Oscar De la Hoya

“I want to help my countrymen, but the honor I gave to the country is not enough because it can’t feed the people,”
- Manny Pacquiao, announces his retirement on August 2009, to run in politics 2010.

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