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Saturday, September 6, 2008

SONY PSP-3000: The Latest PSP Model with Additional Features, All Eye-Candy, Not a CPU Upgrade & Nothing More

I got my first (and only) PSP (the standard piano black color) in 2005, although it was impressive with so much wow factor, it quickly gathered dust in my cabinet because the UMD games are so damn expensive and I got more important things in life to do.

the handsome guy on the PSP is none other ! hehehe

It was only last week that revived my interest with the portable device when I got it converted at one of the computer shops in SM Mall of Asia to make it play the cso and iso game files that are to be saved on the memory stick duo. I have downloaded quite a number of cso/iso game files from morning to the wee hours of the night, only to be delayed by the free service of Megaupload for about 2 hours due to download exceeding limit. Alas and behold, I found wanting the game to be played on the big TV screen and my 1 gig memory duo stick isn't big enough as a real estate for some of those huge cso/iso games. I got to get those 8gig memory duo stick capacity.

It was only last August 20, 2008 that the latest model of PSP was announced at a press conference in Leipzig. It is called PSP-3000. It is based on the Slim & Lite (PSP-2000) design but features an improved LCD screen with anti-reflective technology for improve visibility in well-lit environments, a built-in microphone, and an expanded video-out. That's it ! a video-out port so I could play it on the huge TV screen.

A silver PSP-3000 model

The model is scheduled for release in Japan, Asia, North America and Europe in October 2008.

Silver PSP-3000 (top) compared to white PSP-2000 (bottom)

Here's the official Sony PSP-3000 versus PSP-2000 LCD comparison image

IMHO, only additional features where added to this PSP-3000 model and it's not really an upgrade in terms of the CPU and its computing capability. It's just a dressed-up model with the same CPU of the old models. Although I really need the video-out feature but buying another PSP just for that feature is excessive. I better pass on the PSP-3000 model and stick with my PS2 for big screen TV play. I'll buy the 8gig memory stick instead and stick with the old PSP model unless Sony includes phone service capability on the latest model then why not ?

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