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Saturday, September 6, 2008

SUYEN CHI 'Falling in Style' in RANDY ORTIZ's 20th Anniversary Gala Fashion Presentation - Video September 5, 2008

The star-studded celebration of Randy Ortiz's 20th Anniversary Gala presentation met with a number of 'falling stars', one that took attention was Suyen Chi. Watch the video

One after another, models would all of a sudden slip at the head of the runway, causing collective shrieks among the audience. Why? The ramp was made of acrylic glass and specially shined, which can be tricky — especially when you’re wearing five-inch heels.

Some snapshots from the video

Suyen Chi falling in style, shades of Miriam Quiambao and the two Misses U.S.A. and Buzz Lightyear (It isn't flying, it's falling in style!)

additional snapshot, gracefulness in times of need

could someone out there give me a hand !

another 'victim' of the acrylic glass walk is BEA ALONZO, the video did not mentioned her name, obvious ba ? the video is 24 Oras from GMA-7 Kapuso !

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