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Thursday, November 27, 2008

OSCAR DE LA HOYA & His Left Shoulder Problem - Could this be Oscar's Achilles Heel ? or JUST A DECEPTIVE TACTIC by Oscar ???

Reports say that Oscar De la Hoya's rotator cuff muscle on his left shoulder has a slight tear which causes some left jabbing problem seen in Oscar's previous fight with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. This could also be the reason why Freddie Roach has popularly uttered the words "Oscar can't pull the trigger anymore" whoa !

Watch the video of Oscar De la Hoya wearing a neoprene shoulder support (which helps prevent re-injury or burden on the shoulder joint) on his left shoulder

Youtube Video by JoeCalzagheBlogspot

For all I know, this could be Oscar's strategy to fool Manny's camp into thinking that the old man has left shoulder problems...anything could happen. Why did they want to show this shoulder injury in the first place specially at YouTube for all to see. Beware Manny, this could be a ploy, a Trojan Horse !

Snapshots from the video




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